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Al Asr Al Dahabi

Cafe & Restaurant

Al Asr Al Dahabi Restaurant & Cafe offers a mouthwatering fusion of flavours, serving Lebanese, Turkish and Moroccan dishes. Diners will enjoy the flavours of the Middle East in a casual, welcoming setting.


Welcome To

Al Asr Al Dahabi

Restaurant & Cafe

Over the last ten years, Al Asr Al Dahabi has been designed to simulate and combine three cuisines: Turkish cuisine with creativity and live cooking, Lebanese cuisine with amazing Lebanese mazza and Moroccan cuisine with wonderful tagine plates.

Therefore, our name was chosen to showcase the mixture of all these elements. So, we are starting in Dubai, which is the capital of diversity and creativity, including a diverse range of cultures that love these restaurants. Furthermore, now is also the time of the UAE’s golden age of prosperity and brilliant innovations in design.

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Meals

For those who want to experience traditional middle eastern cuisine with a modern twist, Al Asr Al Dahabi Restaurant & Café offers a truly unique experience.